Ideal Protein


We are really excited to be able to offer Ideal Protein Diet for Weight Loss and Cellulite Reduction.

The results are fantastic with this program and clients lose on average three to seven pounds a week! The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a Four Phase Protocol approach that allows your body to work as efficiently as possible by helping to stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels which will allow your body to burn fat while maintaining its lean muscle mass.

Ideal Protein is not like the traditional diets you may have tried – the goal of this program is to get weight off fast! What we love about the program is that there is a beginning and an end. Once your target weight loss goal has been reached, the Ideal Protein Program reintegrates your own food at a rate that will help you keep the weight off and avoid regaining.

Book your FREE Ideal Protein consultation. There are NO registration fees. Ask about our Ideal Protein Loyalty Program! Phone 431-8423 and book your appointment today!ip

Ideal Protein Update ….
Our total client losses since August 2012 – August 2018 is 8250 pounds! 

If you are interested in learning more about Ideal Protein and getting started on your journey toward a healthy lifestyle, call today to book an appointment at 902-431-8423. Check out some of our successes:

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How do you get started?
Your first visit will be an initial consultation with one of our Ideal Protein coaches. You will meet with your Ideal Protein coach on a regular basis and they will work with you to help you achieve your goals.

What will it cost me?
Depending on what Phase of the Ideal Protein Program you are on, prices will vary, however, first starting out on Phase I, you will be required to eat Ideal Protein Food and take a variety of required supplements. The cost for the Ideal Protein is as little as $15 per day.

What can I eat?
What we love about this Program is how simple it can be to follow. Here’s how it works:
Phase I
Breakfast: Ideal Protein Food
Lunch: Ideal Protein Food, salad and two cups of vegetables
Supper: This meal uses all of your own food – protein, two cups of vegetables and a salad.

Once you achieve your target weight loss, Phases II – IV include integrating more of your own food into your daily choices.

As well, if you refer a person to us who starts the Ideal Protein Program you will receive $10 in Vibe Bucks!

Book your consultation appointment today by phoning 431-8423.

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