Electrotherapy- Pain Management Treatment

Our pain management treatment includes an advanced Electrotherapy, non-invasive treatment. It is FDA approved and licensed as a medical device by Health Canada. It is a micro-computer with built-in electrodes that delivers complex electrical signals directly to the human skin. These signals stimulate the C fibres to release natural Neuro-peptides like Endorphins.

Some of the acute and chronic areas pain management sessions are good food include:

-neck and shoulder tension, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, athletic injuries- shoulder, knee, hip and ankles, arthritic pain, frozen shoulder, tension headaches, and strains, sprains and rotator cuff injuries.

Cost: 1 session= $35.00      5 sessions= $125.00      10 sessions= $230.00

*Appointments are 15 minutes and must be pre-booked

A great testimonial from one of our pain management clients, Jenn:

” I had a filling completed at my dentist’s office early one morning and because my mouth does not freeze well, I had to be given 5 shots to induce the freezing. My dentist told me that I would most likely be in pain for the next few days, once the freezing wore off. As the freezing started to wear off, I did start to feel pain. I had seen Sherry a short time later, told her what was going on and she offered to use her machine on my face where the dental work was done. I am happy to say that the next day, I have very little pain and have not even had to take a Tylenol. The machine worked and worked VERY well.”

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