Testimonials from Vibe Energy’s All Access & Ideal Protein Client:
I love Vibe Energy, I always feel so good after a visit because I know I’m doing something for me that is healthy and fun, and I love the staff and other clients, we’re like a little family all supporting each other. By far it’s been the best weight loss /exercise experience I’ve had in all my years of struggling with my weight, not to mention the benefits I enjoy from the therapy equipment. Vibe Energy Rocks!!
– Brenda MacPherson, Dartmouth

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Testimonials from Vibe Energy’s T-Zone Vibration Clients
– I am sleeping better than I have in years.
– I lost 14″ in 3 weeks!
– My leg cramps are gone.

Testimonials from Vibe Energy’s Body Wrap Clients
– I lost 5″ after two body wraps. My stomach has become more firm and toned.
– I lost 2 1/4″ after my first wrap and I feel great, my pants are fitting better already!
– After losing 70 lbs. my arms had a lot of extra skin that I just couldn’t tone. After just one wrap I lost 4″ on my arms and I can really see a difference. I can’t wait to keep seeing the results.

Testimonials from Vibe Energy’s Treatment Clients – SOQI bed, CHI machine, ERE and E-Power

I feel like a whole new person today. Was feeling so sore and yucky yesterday – and today I feel 100 per cent better – thank you very much!
– Claudia W., Dartmouth

I broke my ribs in December and after only just three sessions on the E-Power I do not feel any more pain. Incredible!
– Claude C., Dartmouth

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